Getting Started Fall 2024
August 16–18, 2024

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Getting Started is one of the most memorable experiences you'll have at Cedarville—the welcome home experience for our Yellow Jackets, new and old. From the moment you drive down University Boulevard, to moving into your residence hall, to meeting fellow students like you in your Sting group, you will be introduced to Cedarville and learn ways to begin plugging in to this community. Your family will be met with clear direction and an exciting atmosphere throughout the process as you are welcomed into the Cedarville family.

Welcome Home

Welcome Home

More than just another university, Cedarville is home. Join the family and experience the reunion of being welcomed back to campus each year.

2023 Getting Started Weekend Recap

2023 Getting Started Weekend Recap

Set the tone for the year with Getting Started Weekend, filled with fun events to build community and welcome our Yellow Jackets, both new and old, home to campus!

2023 Welcome Week Recap

2023 Welcome Week Recap

Experience the community of the Cedarville family! With traditions like the Involvement Fair and first day of school donuts, Welcome Week sets the tone for excitement and involvement throughout the school year.

Connect With Your Sting Group

You'll be placed in a Sting Group with 10-12 other new Yellow Jackets. Led by two to three current students, your Sting Group is your place to connect, get your questions answered, and prepare for campus life before you arrive on campus! During the Jacket Fest on Friday, August 16th, you'll meet your Sting Group in person.

In June 2024, your Sting Group will be added to a Microsoft Team, which will provide resources, information, and a connection point. Follow these steps to access your group:

Microsoft Teams Instructions:

  1. Download the Microsoft Teams Mobile App from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Log in with your Cedarville email and password, and select "Work or school account."
  3. Turn on and manage notifications. Make sure to turn on all notifications for the STING channel.

Microsoft Teams Channels:

A channel is a dedicated space to have conversations and share information within a group or team. Each channel is focused on a different topic or type of information. Within your Sting Group on Teams, you'll see these two channels:

  • General Channel: This is where you'll find general updates, announcements, and schedule changes.
  • STING Channel: Here, you can meet your group and ask specific questions.

Helpful Hints and Reminders:

  • Use the tabs to navigate to the Getting Started homepage, myCU, and the SGA homepage.
  • When a channel name appears in bold type, you have unread messages within that conversation.
  • Always be respectful, courteous, and empathetic.
Hands holding a mobile phone displaying Microsoft Teams app login screen.
Find your Sting Group Coming June 2024.


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